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This web site ("us") do respect the privacy of our visitors ("visitors") and customers ("customers"). Also, to make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personally identifiable information collected, so to make visitors and customers assured, we proceed the following policies:

  • We do collect the names or addresses of visitors to our secure database. We do not sell, rent, barter or in other maketed to other, for the mailing lists of our visitors.
  • Customers personally identifiable information that is collected for us is only used to process reservations, mailing receipts and inform vistors of additional services and/or special offers. Thus, voluntary information received from customers can be used to build or customize features is to ease service or otherwise, that will not cause consequential damage, without customers permission.
  • Cookies may be also used to gather information about how users use our web site, which are alphanumeric identifiers that our web server can store on the users PCs and use to identify the users if they visit our web site again.
  • Personal and important information is maintained and transfered private in Secured Socket Layer (SSL).
  • For case sensitive, online credit card real time payment is directly linked to secured 3DES system of Thailand comercial bank. No credit card information is obtained by us.

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